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You are tired of the codependency, avoidance, toxicity, negativity and drama and are looking to enter into a real relationship where there is trust, commitment and safety


You feel depressed after past breakup/divorce and don’t know where to start or what to do next


You have given up on dating/relationship/marriage and believe that you’ll 100% die alone


You never feel securely attached in your relationship because your partner avoids commitment


You are in a relationship where there is no room for your preferences, choices & perspectives


Your relationship feels more like a “mother-son” relationship because your partner needs constant pampering


You are in a relationship with abusive/narcissistic partners and it’s always about them and no one cares about your happiness


You understand that some of your own behaviours and childhood patterns are blocking your love life and now want to heal them


Your limiting beliefs are keeping you from attracting a soulmate


Your sense of self-love and self-care has taken a backseat in the process of keeping your relationship alive


You don’t have a sense of purpose in life and you are not living your best life


You suffer from anxiety and overthinking


You are sick and tired of self-help books/videos on love & looking for something that can actually help you experience the massive transformation in life

No one’s gonna come.

It’s you who has to take massive action and overcome the heartache, break the toxic loop and attract a healthy love life!

Trust me, I know what it feels to constantly jump from one heartbreaking relationship to another, only to feel more frustrated and desperate every time it ends. 

Babe, the thing is, changing partners is not gonna change your love dynamics until you change your patterns

You can fill your side of wanting to be loved with other important things such as a career or a temporary hobby, but it’s not gonna go anywhere. And it shouldn’t!

Because you deserve to be loved. You deserve to feel securely attached to a person. And you deserve to surface as an empowered woman who doesn’t break down, but instead thrives in a relationship and builds the king-size life of her dreams. 

Your time has come to get off the rollercoaster of all your past struggles, pain, heartaches, and disappointments once and for all and start the journey towards your soulmate relationship.

Your time has come to stop searching for answers and start taking massive actions towards taking charge of your life, raising your self-worth, and becoming the highest version of yourself that you never knew existed.

Just like you, these women did

The 60-Day Soulmate Relationship Journey will help you to…


Get 100% clarity on what you want from your life..your soul purpose


Learn the real reasons why you find yourself in unhealthy relationships


Learn science-backed techniques to tackle loneliness, anxiety, fears


Overcome guilt and shame of wanting to feel loved, secured and empowered


Restructure your mindset by reprogramming your limiting beliefs


Learn proven mindfulness exercises to be present & make conscious decisions


Become a perfect match for a relationship where you feel secure and thrive as an individual too


Revive your relationship with yourself by connecting with your inner child


Learn how to set healthy boundaries for yourself while dating or being in a relationship/marriage


Deep dive into your subconscious and know your love languages


Set realistic goals for all areas of life and defining pathways to achieve them


Prioritize self-love and build a powerful daily routine with personalized self care routine


Create your own vision board


Skyrocket your self esteem


Step into the best version of yourself and upgrade your life like never before!

Hi, I am Anna,

I am here to cut the bullshit and unleash the root cause that is driving your cycle of meaningless toxic relationships.

The thing about toxic relationships is that they start out great but after a while, you start questioning your self-worth. You put unparalleled efforts only to get hurt every time. And thus, you start searching for the answers as to why you keep attracting the wrong guy again and again. 

I did the same thing. What started out as me trying to find ways to fix my partner ended up with me having shocking revelations about myself. You see, I always thought they were the problem. If they would just be more responsible, emotionally available, committed, loyal, etc, etc. I realized it was actually less about “what’s wrong with them” and more about “why was I tolerating such behavior” when I could just walk away.

On this journey, I learned so much about my patterns, my attachment style, my childhood trauma, how my mind was working against me, and how my inner child was running the show. 

I finally found the strength to break free from the relationship, heal my heart from the abandonment wound, become emotionally available to myself, and did a ton of inner work to increase my self-worth.

And now, I would love to handhold you through this and help you make the right choice for yourself!

Here’s exactly what you can expect inside the Soulmate Relationship Journey

Chapter 1

  • Mastering EFT
  • Setting goals for 6 areas of life

Chapter 2

  • When you obsess over unhealthy partners
  • Creating self-care routine
  • Creating vision board

Chapter 3

  • Self Forgiveness
  • Releasing shame and guilt.
  • How trauma gets stuck in your nervous system
  • Exploring trauma bonds

Chapter 4

  • Deep dive into Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness exercises to use in everyday life

Chapter 5

  • Reparenting inner child
  • Setting boundaries
  • Being emotionally available to yourself

Chapter 6

  • Deep dive into attachment styles
  • How to become securely attached

Chapter 7

  • How to spot a narcissist on a date
  • Conscious dating: how to find an amazing partner
  • Authentic Confidence

Chapter 8

  • 6 basic human needs
  • How to find your purpose

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  • Ultimate step-by-step roadmap to creating a vision board of your dream life
  • Ultra-personalized self-care routine to get your daily life back on track & accelerate growth all around
  • Exclusively dedicated session to finding your life purpose and getting mindset clarity

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